Eid in the Overcrowded Gaza

Gaza City| Mohammed Moussa

Eid Al-fter is Festival of Breaking the Fast”, known as a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan.

What is the best way to enjoy Eid in an overcrowded city like Gaza? Where would the Gazans go to enjoy Eid? Here are a few answers; reflect the frustration that people of Gaza live in.

“ to spend a good Eid day in a place like Gaza is impossible, you can’t even find a place, the city is stuffed, you’ll spend the whole day looking for a place to go, so it’s better to spend it at home, our only escape is the sea, and you’ll find hundreds of people out there, despite of the pollution of the sea, if you want to go to a restaurant, it’s very expensive, even families don’t visit each other like in the past, to me, there is no Eid”

Shahed Nabil, 19-year-old said.

“Gaza is full of places to go, but it becomes very stuffed in Eid and the prices be doubled- but to me I think people chose to not celebrate Eid and spend it at home, so they don’t need to ask themselves where should we go? I know Gaza is Suffocating but I think the people who make Gaza Looks like this”

Saffa, a 19-year-old singer, Translation student, and member of Gaza Poets Society said.

“I don’t enjoy Eid, nothing is this city would make me enjoy Eid.”

Said Fadwa, 22-year-old poet, and member of Gaza Poets Society said.

“Visiting my friends in Eid makes me very happy” said Maha,  a 21-year old poet at Gaza Poets Society.

“If I want to enjoy Eid, I’d go to an amusement park, but I can’t find one here in Gaza”

Said Mai Al sous 25-year-old poet at Gaza Poets Society


Christchurch 15.3.19

At the doorway of a house
in Christchurch
He said goodbye,
Wearing the black jacket
that she brought for him
as his Valentine gift.
For the first time,
with eyes and lips speaking love,
he put a kiss on her
Drove his car to the mosque,
And went to pray.

She was in the kitchen,
making his favourite dish
for their special Friday gathering.
organising the dining table
cleaning his chair.

At the food table
Two empty chairs

Escaped Dreams

He stood on the outskirts of his city.
A city cuffed with borders, he stood on the line between death and life, his eyes gazing toward freedom.
A voice from his heart said stay steadfast and so, he kept walking. He is tired of the death that lives with him in the same room overlooking the sea, the sea of the small city. Its horizon keeps stretching far off, to the cities of life 
to the cities where you can see the sun shines with a smile, Not hiding with a frown; Stretching to cities where alleys dance to music not bombs.
It’s his last day,” I don’t know maybe I’m not OK, but I’ll be fine, I promise, I have my perforated bag, I know my dreams are still falling one after another, despite of waking up early from that nightmare that keeps chasing me every night and never ends, what is not usual is I’m still walking , I know I hardly breathe, but in the end, I’ll go back to the same nightmare and series of falling dreams . He said.
What is surprising that he become paralyzed, his widespread roots refuse to move too, despite of the smell of the poisoned gas that comes from the east, in the end he remembered the sound of waves that comes with mornings. He loved his city that daily tried to kill him, he had no ticket to cross the barbed border, to cross the boundaries of his planted roots. Throwing his bag on the wires he returned to his room, to the city, to the sea.

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